The 'Admin' button is used to process registrations on behalf of one of your participants, regardless of registration opening and closing dates.                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

This feature is useful in a situation where one of your registrants is not able to access the online registration form. By using this function, admin users can have all of their data in one, centralised database.

You can alternatively use the 'Import Participants' function to upload offline payments if uploading in bulk. Otherwise, using the 'Admin' button is the best. (Note: The Import Participants function has several limitations and you should see the useful link below and reach out to the Register Now support team if you have any questions)

Offline entries can be entered with or without a real-time credit card payment or as an offline payment (see link below about offlien payment options)

The waiver page will not be shown to you when registering someone via the Admin button so you will have to ensure the registrant receives or acknowledges the waiver separately.

You can find the 'Admin' button on the 'Registration Forms' page once logged in as an admin user and can follow the prompts to create the registration from there.