If someone is no longer able to attend your event, you may wish to withdraw them so they no longer receive details in the lead up. 

There are different circumstances for when withdrawing different types of registrations such as individual, family or team. 

Withdrawing an individual: 

Firstly, find the participant you wish to withdraw:

Once selected, scroll right down to the bottom of the page and you will see the option to 'Withdraw from this event':

If you have already allocated race numbers for this event, you will be prompted to decide what you wish to do with this participants number. Select the best option for your event and then select 'Withdraw from this event': 

Voila! This participant is now Withdrawn. This participant will stay within your database however will now show as 'Withdrawn': 

Remember! If you refund a participant, this will automatically withdraw them. 

Withdrawing a Team or Family:

Perform a group search to find the team you need to withdraw. 

Once you open this up, you will see at team/family level you don't have the same functionality of 'withdraw from this event' as at the individual level. However, all you need to do is withdraw one team member for the team/family to be considered withdrawn. 

To withdraw the team/family, you will need to select one of the participants on the team using the cog action button: 

Once you're on the participant's page, you can follow the exact same process as withdrawing an individual above.  

Now that one person within the team or family is withdrawn, the entire team/family is considered withdrawn.