A chargeback, also referred to as a payment dispute, occurs when a cardholder questions a transaction and asks their card-issuing bank to reverse it. 

We receive notification from the relevant banking provider that a chargeback has been requested. We will then reach out to you as the event organiser to inform you that this is the case. From there we would lodge a dispute on your behalf as we are the payment merchant but may require further details from you for the best chance of the bank ruling in your favour.  

If the bank rules against you, the funds are returned to the cardholder/ participant and you will be invoiced accordingly. However, if the bank rules in your favour, they won't refund the disputed funds and they will be payed out to you as normal. 

For more country/ state specific information related to chargebacks, please view the relevant link below:


New South Wales

South Australia



Western Australia

Northern Territory - contact your issuing bank

Queensland - contact your issuing bank

New Zealand

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