This is something we're asked quite often (well, frequently enough for us to write an article about it)! 

Whilst there is the option for you to copy an individual form set up (for more info on this, see HERE), we don't have the option to copy the set up of a series simply due to it's level of complexity. 

Series set ups allow participants to register for multiple rounds of a Series in one transaction and creates a participant entry in each round. It also allows for event organisers to offer discounted prices as an incentive to do so, there's quite a lot of work that goes into these set ups. 

We've found that the best way to set up a "copy" of a previous series is to have 2 screens logged in to Register Now - one with the old Series and one with the new Series. Then just go through both together and copy the relevant information. Remember, the bulk of the work in setting up a Series is at the Series level - once you are done with this, the setting up of each registration form as part of the series is quick and easy because so much of the detail is pulled from the Series level.

Being forced to have the previous years series open on one screen while setting up the next years series on another, gives organisers the opportunity to make improvements as they go and helps them to understand their set up at a deeper level, making adjustments easier to navigate. 

For more information on using the Series Feature:

Series set ups are complicated but we love complicated - so don't hesitate to reach out to our friendly, helpful and fun team via or on 1800 734 669.