The first page displayed after you log in is the My Accounts page.

This page lists one row for each event you have set up in our system.
You may have one row displayed, or more than one row displayed depending on how many events you have active in our system.

Event ID

Is the unique event ID number allocated in our system, use this number when contacting us for assistance.

Event Name

Is the name of the event that you have specified ( Maximum 50 characters )

Event Date

The date you have listed for your event - this may be one of four options:

     - Single Date - if you have a single date, then that date is shown in this field.
- Start Date / End Date - if your event spans multiple days, then the Start Date is shown in this field.
     - Text Date - if you have chosen to type a text date rather than an actual date, then the text date information is shown in this field.

     - Nothing/Blank

Please Note - you cannot sort by this field as it can be any of the above 4 combinations, which are unable to be sorted.

Rego Close Date

This is the registration closing date / time that you have specified for the event.

Shows the status of the event – either Incomplete or Complete. To be able to use the registration page you need to go through the Registration Form settings using the Edit button until the ‘Link’ tab and click the Finish button to complete the event. Once complete, the event is available for public use on our system.

Edit Button
Click the ‘Edit’ button to edit the details of your event. This takes you to the Registration Form settings.

Manage Button
Once people have registered for your event, you will be able to Manage various details of the event and your participants. In this section you can manage your participants, race numbers, eTickets and Promo Codes.
More details - Click Here

Stats Button
Click the ‘Stats’ button to view real-time online registration statistics.

Reports Button
Click the ‘Reports’ button to view the standard and custom reports available for your event. You can download a registration report to MS Excel or CSV formats by clicking the ‘Run’ button. You may also setup a custom report for your event. More details - Click Here

Admin Button
Click the ‘Admin’ button to process an offline transaction. An offline transaction is a transaction that you input on behalf of one of your participants (e.g. paper based entry from). This allows you to add in all their details, and you can also use the payment options such as Cash / Cheque / Complimentary to add them in at no charge.

Theme Button (this has replaced Preview)
Click the 'Theme' option to enhance your event brand customisation in the system. This will allow clients the freedom to update background images and colours, header and footer images and colours, all in a dedicated preview environment. 

Link Button
Click the ‘Link’ button to go directly to the Link tab for your set-up. This shows you the public registration link and potentially the Participant Listing link if you have that setup. Use those links for your own website entry links.

Participant List - Open Button
Click the ‘Open’ button to open the public participant listing page in a new browser window. This is the page you can use on your own website to display who has registered for your event.

Copy Button
Click the ‘Copy’ button to create a new event by copying that previous event. This function will copy that previous event details and create a new Event ID. You are able to edit the copied event to refine details as required (e.g. new dates and pricing details, etc.)

Delete Button
Click the ‘Delete’ button to remove the event from your ‘My Accounts’ page. Although not technically deleting all the event details it hides the event from your view. Use this to remove old events or clean up the page if you accidentally created an event. Contact us if you want an event to be un-deleted.

Add Event Button
Click the ‘Add Event’ button down the bottom to create a new event.